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Established in 2020, Zip Group was created to give virtual pilots a realistic insight into the operation of airlines. You'll find several manuals as well as ultra realistic liveries and carefully calculated flight schedules. Not forgetting of course, the friendly, warm and welcoming community we promote. We have invested a lot to give an easy experience for our virtual pilots and we strive to continuously improve and listen to make Zip Group one of the most respected Virtual Airlines in the Flightsim Community

Originally founded as ZipAir Virtual, upon acquisition of Northern Virtual in late 2020, the website was rebranded as Zip Group to allow for further expansion. Northern underwent a substantial overhaul and were launched in late 2020 proudly flying the Zip Group colours of Purple and Aqua.

Dedicated cargo services were also launched in 2020 with ZipCargo. The initial fleet consisted of 2 ultra modern converted Boeing 737-800s. Cargo operations were vital to provide extra income and a new selection of routes.

If you haven't already, why don't you join us to see what it's like flying for ZipAir. We have a very low minimum hours requirement and hope that you'll be a proud pilot for ZipAir Virtual for a long time to come!

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