Zip Group to Acquire Northern Virtual Airlines

posted by Alex Letch on 2020-09-18

It was recently announced that Northern Virtual Airlines would be closing down. Here at the Zip Group we believe that we have the resources available to make Northern Virtual a successful operation. Zip Group have successfully bidded for Northern Virtual Airline’s assets and operations and will be relaunching the airline with a new Zip Group twist.

Northern Virtual Airlines will be rebranded as Northern Airlines with a new livery and integration into the Zip Group website. What this means for you is that you can fly and gain hours for ZipAir Virtual, ZipCargo and Northern all through one website.

Currently Northern are operating an expansive fleet of 65 aircraft, this is made up of 41 Bombardier Q400 next gen aircraft, 15 Embraer 175 and 10 Embraer 195. We will be drastically reducing the fleet for initial operations with an immediate cessation of the Embraer 195 operations. 8 Embraer 175s and 19 Bombardier Q400s will be prepped for storage to be reactivated in the future for Northern. 4 Bombardier Q400s are being transferred to ZipAir for European operations. The initial relaunch will be with 18 Bombardier Q400s and 7 Embraer 175s.

Northern already have a very good route network. With the streamlining of the fleet, we will see a streamlining of the route network as well, leaving the most profitable routes operating. The Toronto and Washington bases will be closed leaving Chicago Midway, Birmingham and Newark as our operational bases. The route network is still under review with a full schedule to be announced shortly.

Northern Virtual Airlines was founded in 2017. After acquisition the website address will be used and Northern will operated with the ICAO Code NRH, IATA Code NS and the callsign Northstar.