Zip Group Engineering

posted by Alex Letch on 2020-10-16

Zip Group are delighted to announce the purchase of the former Monarch hangar at Birmingham. The modern facility was only built in 2013 and is an extensive facility with all the latest in aircraft engineering technology. The facility can fit up to 10 narrow body aircraft at one time, or 2 wide body aircraft. Amongst other tasks, all entry-into-fleet checks, cabin refurbishments, overhauls, heavy checks and modifications will take place at our new flagship facility. In addition to the amazing facility being added to the Zip Group portfolio, we will also be creating 300 jobs, many of which will be reintroduced staff from the previous operator.

We will be rebranding the facility and will be able to provide world class engineering support for our growing fleet. The office complex on the front of the building will used for engineering administration as well as crewing and flight operations departments including scheduling, ATC Co-ordinating and flight planning. At this time we will have more capacity than we need so are opening up to allow other carriers to use our new facility.