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Welcome to Zip Group


Here at Zip Group we aim to make flying for a virtual airline a fun and easy experience. Whether you have never flown for a virtual airline before, or you are a veteran with thousands of hours, we'd love to welcome you on board!

We are a low pressure, friendly and fun airline group to fly for with a very low minimum required flights and a realistic, dynamic schedule with ad-hoc charters!. Whether you fancy a quick hop in a Q400 or a lengthy transatlantic crossing, we have the flight for you.

Your flights will be electronically logged with our ACARS and dispatch feature which also rate your flight performance.

We have 9 fantastic bases accross 3 airline operations with a diverse mix of holiday and business destinations. Wherever you are based, you can operate any route!

Operating 3 seperate airlines means you have the choice and flexibility to fly a huge, diverse selection of routes. From the Highlands of Scotland to Florida's Key West and from Tel Aviv to Toronto, we are sure we have the right routes for you

For full immersion, we also have Custom Safety Demonstrations, Airport Reference Guide, Line Operations Manual, Online AI Model Matching and an automated ACARS software.

With us, you can really Zip Your Way, whether you want to fly by the book, or jump in and just fly!

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Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
ZIP705 EGPH LSGG   ZIP020 PMDG 737-700NGX ZIP G-ZCPH -134fpm
ZIP2044 EIDW EGKK   ZIP034 PMDG 737-800NGXU ZIP ZIPAIR (G-ZEDI | 2020) -82fpm
ZIP711 EGPH GCTS   ZIP015 PMDG 737-800NGXU ZIPAIR (G-ZIBZ | 2020) -133fpm
XLA2711 GCTS EIKN   ZIP032 A320 N/A
XLA2710 EIKN GCTS   ZIP032 A320 N/A
NRH2464 KJAC KMDW   ZIP015 PMDG 737-700NGXU (NORTHERN | G-ZAGP) -265fpm
ZIP2088 LOWI EGKK   ZIP034 PMDG 737-800NGXU ZIP ZIPAIR (G-ZEDI | 2020) -177fpm
NRH2463 KMDW KJAC   ZIP015 PMDG 737-700NGXU (NORTHERN | G-ZAGP) -336fpm
ZIP603 EGPH EGKK   ZIP010 PMDG 737-800NGXU ZIP ZIPAIR (G-ZEDI | 2020) -422fpm

The smoothest touchdowns this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Karl Desmond ZIP2092 EGKK 2020-10-26 -26.00fpm 100%
  Karl Desmond ZIP2044 EGKK 2020-10-29 -82.00fpm 100%
  Jonathan Burrell ZIP2001 EGNT 2020-10-26 -93.00fpm 95%
  Karl Desmond ZIP2091 DTNH 2020-10-25 -113.00fpm 95%
  Aron Kruit ZIP2100 EGKK 2020-10-25 -113.00fpm 95%

Our newest recruits

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Tony Vaisanen Finland Finland London Gatwick, UK 2020-10-31
  Ewan Douglas United Kingdom United Kingdom Edinburgh, UK (ZipAir) 2020-10-23
  Lee Cushing United Kingdom United Kingdom London Gatwick, UK 2020-10-18
  Ian Long United Kingdom United Kingdom London Gatwick, UK 2020-10-11
  Pascal Weeda Netherlands Netherlands Edinburgh, UK (ZipAir) 2020-09-28
  Yago Alves Cirino Brazil Brazil Belfast City, UK (ZipAir) 2020-09-15
  Mark Oxley United Kingdom United Kingdom Birmingham, UK (ZipAir) 2020-09-14

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